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Christian advice on dating best friend

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If you share your feelings for your friend and he or she does not feel the same way, things will probably be weird. What do you think? Once I took my fingers out of my ears and agreed to truly hear what God had to say, His answer was quite clear. June 29, at 1: Later on, when I prayed about the possibility of marriage, God answered that prayer clearly too.

Sometimes the best options for dating and marriage are right under your nose.

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Christian advice on dating best friend


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Neil Warren describes how the initial feelings of passionate love in a relationship usually grow into companionate love as the relationship matures. The truth is friendship between you and your spouse is what primarily supports your commitment to be together through the day-to-day.

One of you is probably going to start dating and get married soon and your friendship would be pretty much over at that point anyway. When should you try to date your Christian friend? However, once I put God in charge of my love life, a funny thing happened. I have broken the content up into three sections: But although he said his faith was important to him, attending church and reading the Bible were not high on his priority list.

3 Principles of Friendship in Dating - That Crazy Christian Romance

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  1. O ne common experience for Christian singles is having romantic feelings for a good friend of the opposite sex.

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