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Tokyo squirt 8255039

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Hans Dampf: Is he irish? hahahahah XDXDXD

Hunter Dollar: The french didnt sound french

Theseus9: I live in Miami. The problem is that Miami has HUGE wealth disparity both wealthy and poor. And flashing cars, money, bling, fashion is so common. This makes the women all want the Top 5 of guys. They complain that the dating scene sucks but that's only because they're all after 5 of the males here.

Kaneonuskatew: God! This Was Hilarious

Moonwalker: Ware do i find me one of those i need an Italian man to bring home to my Italian family

Ana Barcelos: And i would like to play that game, if you played that game very well everything will be Real

Iamnooknik 96: European style definitelly.

XxxX ChyFer.: Make some german accent please

Eveni Astrid: Finally! Russian men are Gentlemen and very masculine as always, doing everything to make her life easy and comfortable. Unfortunately, many of Russian women hate them.

Rui Adriano: DAAAMN that Costa Rican guy is hot

David Smith: Not all the Israeli girls living for their partys!

Get Paid 01: And for russian readers:

Angelena R.: Ahahaha I am russian and I used to stay inside a car, waiting for the door opened with the same kind of face XD Pretty accurate

NickWin 31: Most Mexicans work extremely hard, both males and females, there's not traditional living anymore, it was never a happy life, well, maybe a few times for a few people, but most women back then even had it worse than life now.

Giuseppe: D'ya wanna haf sex?

Dafyd Madds: Very nice! Could you please make one about dating Swedish women too? :)

Maria Ivanov: And then tell me (please that you can tell the difference.

Adlerzwei: Guys seriously you dont need to be looking like a model to get hot girls. Just groom yourself, work out and be confident and be yourself. That's it.

Juan Camilo: Jesus, WTF? NOPE.

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Past the minute that wagering MotionPlus-supporting Lightsaber duel divertissement stock reachs to achievement, wishes anyone mud-flats care.

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Suggest new categories x. Create a new Playlist. But don't worry, we aren't charging you again. No, it was a mistake. Tokyo Squirt Compilation


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Tokyo squirt 8255039

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