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Payday 2 intimidating civilians

A shout is a multipurpose action that both players and AI teammates can perform. It is used for:. When shouting, the character will also make a gesture depending on...

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The latest update broke this mod. Originally posted by Thomas. Originally posted by Inanegrain Berk Rider , This temporarily gets them to stay down in one spot, keeping them out of the line of fire or delaying their attempts at contacting the police, though if not kept a close eye on they will eventually rise up again and resume their phone call s or race towards the nearest source of alarm.

Tied civilians cannot move and, hence, cannot use their phones or panic buttons to raise the alarm. Each weapon has their own noise range, however in general most weapons will cover the central areas of any map once heisters have taken care of any wandering pedestrians.

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  • everytime man, a bunch of civs are intimidated, i make sure to...
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  • One more question regarding getting civilians down - Payday 2 Message Board...
  • Control freak just makes the intimidation build up faster. The maximum intimidation time is defined when...
  • /r/paydaytheheistmods - A subreddit all about modding Payday 2, Civilians not...
  • In order to intimidate a law enforcer, you must shout at him three times. (to revive or hasten them if...
  • The Heist and PAYDAY 2 , most usually in heists...

If that doesn't work either, I'm not sure what I can do. As for the people claiming shouting in stealth isn't realistic, we tend to shout when we find Gage packages in stealth.. Can also be done on Firestarter Day 3. By simply firing off bullets at any direction, civilians will quickly be frightened and get down, allowing the heisters to subdue them without going through the lengthy phase of shouting at them, even allowing you to keep them down without tying them, or standing in their general vicinity.

Author Offyerrocker , Berk Rider ,

Description Images 3 Changelog I'm tired of shooting civilians being the only way to deal with them when you run out of ties. I'm tired of them running out into firefights and dying. Those things are still going to happen sometimes no matter what, but this mod might help.

This mod is untested in multiplayer, but should still work provided host has the mod. This mod has the following effects: Saving civilians also does not incur the medic's healing cooldown. Just like in No Mercy! This will not affect normal sentry function otherwise. I might leave it without a visual indicator for balance. I'm really quite sick of this Known Issues: If you encounter a bug, please report it below, and attach any crash log associated with it. Thanks for reminding me.

Is the feature about sentry shooting standing civlian in stealth, with rubber bullet, still planned?

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  1. Stockholm Syndrome allows you to cause civilians in a large area to cower on the floor by making noise, be it from unsilenced gunfire or explosions.

  2. Law enforcers affected by Joker will behave similarly to Team AI, with notable exceptions of being incapable of reviving downed players, regenerate lost health when not taking damage, being tased or downed by a Cloaker.

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