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Being someone s second love dating

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Reblogged this on welcome to MY world and commented: I have to admit, there are legitimate reasons why everyone seems to be obsessed with the idea of first love. Newton said that matter was never created or destroyed in this universe; it stays at a constant. We enter into our first relationship not realizing the effort required to make it work. Whatever the case, with your second love, you will have hopefully found someone who is more compatible with you on so many more levels.

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You realize just how essential it is. This is certainly a possibility and it's terrifying. You'd be a fool to not protect that fragile, little heart of yours. In your first relationship, you may have been dating said person because you wanted a boyfriend, a high school sweetheart, or whatever else he may have been at that stage in your life.

It sounds weird, right?

Being someone s second love dating


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  1. So often we see films and television shows highlight the importance of your first great love.

  2. I have atopic dermatitis on my forehead, so it's red and itches. And my skin isn't the best due to medication.

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