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The best relationships come from friendships

Why do so many couples say this in their wedding vows and share it when telling their love story? Here are three reasons...

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Friendship Before Relationship: 12 Reasons Why You Should Accept Being His Friend |

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Love itself cannot exist without trust. But the heart of honesty is to maintain trust and keep peace. Basically, you put the ball in his hands and you give him the opportunity to lead. My philosophy is that the two pillars upon which love stands are Trust and Respect. You can date and get to know other people if you want.

Characterize as back, do you remember hearing these words over and exceeding and not knowing what to do and feeling frustrated, insane, and going through a busted time accepting it. He wanted to be your friend, but for some reason, you twisted and turned it and did everything you could to whack to convince him that being friends was not what you wanted and that you wanted a relationship.

After years of trying to convince him, you finally decided it was all together to give up and on away, but yet it took you a long time to let go. Friendship is the first thing you need and very important when it attains to developing a relationship. Being friends gives you the opening to get to know the person for who he is and gives you the break to learn things about him that you would not press learned otherwise.

When you hop into a relationship without being friends first, all types of issues and challenges occur, and you begin to expect more from the person and then set unrealistic expectations. Why forth so much pressure on someone because of your own expectations and desires? When you bring out a genuine friendship, there are no expectations, you can be yourself, he can be himself, and you can learn whole lot you want to know nearby each other.

Basically, you disgust the ball in his hands and you give him the opportunity to lead. Many times, being friends is the most successfully option, although it sucks, and you feel horrible, being intimates is not so bad.

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  1. I have actually but I appreciate it though. I've gotten more information on this through strangers than all my years of school.

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